Paint protection of a VW Caravelle

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Todays Work.

Today I had an exciting day, a regular customers asked me to apply a paint protection to one of only 250 VW Caravelle Limited edition in Red and White, because it is so limited the customer wants to take care of it more than ever. So we have an amazing vehicle, beautifully finished just wanting protection applying.

How paint protection was carried out.

The vehicle was washed, dried and then had a Sonax paint sealant applied by machine. The difference it made to the shine alone was incredible and the paint now feels silky smooth.

This should be done to new or very nearly new vehicle. Customers  aften are offered protection packages with their new cars, however I can offer competitive alternatives giving as good if not better results. In addition it is recommended that the upholstery is protected with a product that repels liquids allowing easier cleaning.

As a result of applying paint protection there will be less likelihood of the paint developing defects, maybe more shine. Customers who want this doing to their new car can contact us via the online form.


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